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our money can have a powerful impact

Updated: Mar 30

One of the most powerful line items in your budget is Giving.

Being able to give is one of the sheer joys (even though it seems next to impossible to find joy at this moment in time) you can gain with your money.

If you currently have a 'Giving' line item in your budget, below are a few racial justice-focused organizations that need our help. If you cannot give monetarily, that’s okay; you will someday, and that day will feel magical.


Color Of Change is the nation’s largest online racial justice organization.


We help people respond effectively to injustice in the world around us. As a national online force driven by 1.7 million members, we move decision-makers in corporations and government to create a more human and less hostile world for Black people in America.


The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc. is America’s premier legal organization fighting for racial justice.


Through litigation, advocacy, and public education, LDF seeks structural changes to expand democracy, eliminate disparities, and achieve racial justice in a society that fulfills the promise of equality for all Americans. LDF also defends the gains and protections won over the past 75 years of civil rights struggle and works to improve the quality and diversity of judicial and executive appointments.


The Movement for Black Lives (M4BL) formed in December of 2014, was created as a space for Black organizations across the country to debate and discuss the current political conditions, develop shared assessments of what political interventions were necessary in order to achieve key policy, cultural and political wins, convene organizational leadership in order to debate and co-create a shared movement-wide strategy. Under the fundamental idea that we can achieve more together than we can separately.




ABEP Minneapolis says: We’re partnering with Pimento to provide black business without insurance relief after white supremacists set them on fire during the protests.

Our goal is to raise $1,000,000 to help these businesses recover from the damages done.


The Minnesota Freedom Fund is seeking monetary donations as well as volunteers


The Minnesota Freedom Fund pays criminal bail and immigration bond for those who cannot afford to as we seek to end discriminatory, coercive, and oppressive jailing.


We Love Lake Street is working to help rebuild Lake Street, starting with direct support to small businesses and nonprofits to help them rebuild their storefronts, reopen their businesses, and serve our neighborhoods.


Friends of the Hennepin County Library’s commitment: Our commitment to you is that every dollar you donate to the Local Library Equity Fund will be directed to supporting our library neighbors and patrons from historically marginalized communities to build a brighter more just future for everyone.




Fair Fight says: We promote fair elections in Georgia and around the country, encourage voter participation in elections, and educate voters about elections and their voting rights.


Our goal is to increase power in our communities. Effective voting allows a community to determine its own destiny.


The national, nonpartisan Election Protection coalition was formed to ensure that all voters have an equal opportunity to participate in the political process. Made up of more than 100 local, state and national partners, Election Protection works year-round to advance and defend the right to vote.



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