So Happy You're Here!


I entered "the real world" after college with over 11k in credit card debt, plus student loans, AND a vehicle payment.

I had no idea what a budget was or how it could shape my world. I was getting paid, spending it, rinse and repeat... like a hamster on a wheel. One day after a lot of tears and some no-nonesnse advice from a colleague, I knew I needed a change.

Baller Without a Budget
I Got Down to Business

I buried myself in all the financial books I could get my hands on. The most influential was written by Dave Ramsey, "Total Money Makeover". How was I so clueless about all the damage I was doing?!

I realized that having a budget was the answer. It was finally a way for me to tell my money where to go instead of it controlling me. 

I started a budget in 2011 and have never looked back. 

Within three years of budgeting I was able to pay off over $45,000 (that's right, thousands!) in debt and put $15,000 toward the wedding of my dreams. A few years later I purchase a vehicle with cash, what an incredible feeling!

The journey took me a while, but I finally feel free. My relationship with money is no longer toxic.

I am still living debt-free to this day, and I don't ever want to look back!

Finally Freedom