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a myth that can derail your money plan

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

I wonder if it’s a condition of our society or our tendency in America to live paycheck to paycheck, but whenever money is deposited in the bank I see the elation of PAYDAY!

I am elated with you! I love money. And, having it in your bank account is always a good thing. Always! But here’s the rub… It is my dream for you to be so in tune with your budget that payday becomes just another day.

[This is NOT like people who say their birthday is just another day -- that’s just sad.]

The myth that I’d like to bust today is that your checking account is the tool you should use when deciding on a purchase.

Me: I’d love to buy that pair of jeans.

Checking Account: You have plenty of money, go for it!

Budget: Wait a minute, you spent your $50 on shoes earlier this month -- hang tight until next month on those jeans!

Next month…

Me: Yes, those jeans are mine!

Budget: Why yes they are -- looking gorgeous by the way!

Maybe I’ll call up myth busters to see if they have room for another person on their show; I’d make a good addition don’t you think?!

Quick and to the point today my friends.

Here’s to you!



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