helping women level the eff up with their money (and life)

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It's 4 sessions - a few minutes each.

Topics covered: Money Mindset, Spending, Planning & Accountability

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Someone Who Understands
It Can Be Confusing
Customized Plan for Your Money
your finances don't look like anyone else's --
that's why we'll work together to find solutions that are specifically crafted

for you!
sometimes you just need someone who has been a variable income earner to truly grasp your challenges --
I'm here
for you!
business finances, personal finances,
it's complicated --
how does getting organized sound?
let's develop a plan
that will bring some relief
for you!

hi, I'm Melissa

Your financial journey is as unique as you are - and that's exactly how I'll handle our partnership. 

I Promise To

  • never judge

  • honor your values

  • lead always with empathy

  • find a solution that fits your lifestyle

  • help you find a healthy relationship with money


if you're ready to level up

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Sometimes all you need is someone to ask a few questions or help you with a plan.

During your 1:1 session, we'll focus on your most pressing financial hurdle and get you some tools to hop over it.

$135 for 1 session*

10% off for a package of three

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Your mind is sabotaging your potential for financial success and happiness.

In this mental fitness + money program, you'll get tools to reduce those negative voices and help level up your finances.

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clients are saying...

Working with Melissa on my money mindset and habits I felt like I could actually overcome my overwhelm and fears surrounding money. She helped me to see that being "good with money" wasn't some special secret but was something I could achieve by implementing the right habits in my life; that truth alone has brought me a lot of peace and freedom.