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I'm Melissa

I came out of college with approximately negative $47,000, thanks to a few free pizzas & some credit cards during student orientation, a car payment, and college loans. 

Once Upon A Time...

At my first "real" job, I worried about burying myself in that mountain of debt. 


A colleague told me the hard truth: I needed to look at my spending. I realize budgets aren't for everyone, but I had to SEE the numbers. I had to find a way to make it make sense. It was finally a way for me to spend money based on my values and not just feel overwhelmed at the month's end. 

Until one day...

I paid off that $47k + saved $15k toward the wedding of my dreams, all within three years. The journey took some time, but my toxic view of money started to wane.

Because of that...

After being a "Financial Coach" for a year,  I quickly learned I wanted to get my accreditation and bring ethical and fiduciary standards to my practice. So, I'm now an Accredited Financial Counselor®.

Fast forward to...

I realized I LOVE working with purpose-driven entrepreneurs who enjoy a bit of the woo-woo. Y'all light me up. You have a passion for changing the world, and I want to be there with you to ensure you have the money to make it happen!

Until finally...

MelissaMitt Financials

Accredited Financial Counselor®


612.444.1709 (Text)

If you prefer to communicate via ASL, please email or text to set up a Zoom video chat.

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