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If you want to confidently manage money as an unconventional earner, you need
to create predictability.

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I've had the pleasure of working with all kinds of unconventional earners...

A list of various unconvential earning jobs: entrepreneur, freelancer, esthtician, social media manager, uber driver, small business owner, side hustler, sign language interpreter, artist, business consultant, attorney, ready to leave their 9-5er, photographer
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Setting up your finances is different from everyone else's; here are my Top 5 Tips for understanding your money.

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Money Coach

Accredited Financial Counselor® Candidate

I'm a full-time digital nomad. My husband and I travel around the U.S. in our RV, both working 100% remotely. Yes, it's as fun as it sounds!

If you watched my intro video, it says, "We've been debt free ever since." That's no longer true. We realized debt isn't evil and took out a loan for our RV.


Okay, here's a bit more about me...

Back in 2008, working in the education system, I was in tears every month as my money was just disappearing. I painstakingly figured out some tools that changed my life and came to terms with my mindset.

The thing about finances is that they are personal, and that's how I view it for you too. There is no cookie-cutter program; it's about finding the right match for your unconventional lifestyle!

If you're looking to figure out your money with practical solutions, a touch of woo-woo, and absolutely zero judgment, I'd be honored to be a part of that journey!

hi, I'm Melissa

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How I Can Help
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Unmess Your Money Sessions

Unmess Your Money™ Sessions give you a chance to identify goals, understand your values, and outline an action plan. All of this is done in a judgment-free zone!

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The Break Free Method


The Break Free Method™ is a proven approach to identifying your money saboteurs, increasing confidence, and giving you tools that can be used for life!​


VIP Memberships


If you prefer a more hands-on approach, this is for you. Meeting 2x per month, we'll identify goals, outline an action plan, use specialized software to communicate, and review regular progress reports.

What Clients Are Saying

I was worried she would judge my spending and tell me what I SHOULD be doing... this was not the case! Melissa came with a non-judgmental, problem-solving mindset that made me feel supported.

Ideas, inspiration & strategies for creating preditability

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