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Melissa, white woman dyed red hair, is covering her face with a fan of 100 dollar bills.

ready to gain clarity with your personal finances

and connect your money to your mindset?

Money Coach

Accredited Financial Counselor® Candidate

Let's get to know each other!

I wiped out $47,000 of debt in less than three years. I created a spending plan that I still use ten years later. I LOVE working with self-employed females who welcome the woo-woo. Y'all light me up!

Melissa, white woman with dyed shoulder length hair, is smiling and looking left with a fan of $100 bills near her chin

hi, I'm Melissa

Your Personal Experience

Stick person standing in front of a neatly organized shelf
eliminate the financial confusion in your life
Stick people, one with its arm around the other
Stick person seated and meditating
open up about your finances without judgment
learn to love your money & yourself

What Clients Are Saying

I was worried she would judge my spending and tell me what I SHOULD be doing... this was not the case! Melissa came with a non-judgemental, problem-solving mindset that made me feel supported.

How I Can Help

How I Can Help...

Two people gripping hands like their supporting each other.
a group of people from varies races clasping each others' hands in the air
Asian woman sitting crossed legged on the floor looking up inquisitively

as your

check-in partner

if you already have an action plan,

this is for you!

  • curated accountability
  • speed up your progress
  • zero judgment, only results

  • communication via email or text​

  • biweekly office hours to pop in for questions

​as your personal

1:1 support

if you're in need of an action plan,

this is for you!

  • get organized with your money

  • get a sense of relief

  • create a plan that fits your lifestyle​
  • ​virtual sessions via Zoom

  • sessions up to one hour

as your mental & financial

program guide

if you're looking for a reset,

this is for you!

  • increase your confidence

  • understand and disarm those negative voices

  • interrupt sabotaging behaviors before they impact your success and happiness

  • 6-week mental fitness coaching + access to the Positive Intelligence™ app

  • Three 1:1 financial coaching sessions 


Cancel at any time.


30-day money-back guarantee

$365 for 3 sessions

Follow-up sessions are booked separately for $135.

10-Minute Micro Course

10 Min. Course

Money Mindset, Spending, Planning & Accountability

All videos captioned

Please check your email!

by signing up you will receive access to the micro couse and be registered to receive updates via email a few times a month. Thank you!!

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