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Your time is precious, so...

  • the accessibility happens without impacting your calendar

  • no need to know how to make it happen

  • we'll market your accessible content on our channels



  • your content produced with captions, a transcript, and in American Sign Language

  • a new community gets to experience your creations in their preferred modality


Now is your chance to...

  • up the ante on inclusivity

  • be part of an accessibility movement for Deaf/DeafBlind & Hard-of-Hearing individuals

  • reach a wider audience and expand your impact

More Options. Less Overwhelm.

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ASL Interpretation

Taking your audio content and creating an interpreted video version, from English to American Sign Language.

You will receive a .mp4 video file.

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Custom Captions

Custom curated captions with over 99% accuracy.

(compared to 85% with auto-generated captions)

You will receive an .srt file to upload to YouTube or your preferred video platform.

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Not sure what is the best approach for your media and/or your audience? Let's talk about options.

If you decide to move forward with services the fee will be credited to your invoice.

More Access. More Fans.

Between 1-4% of the US population is part of the d/Deaf community*

*This includes deaf, deafblind & hard-of-hearing individuals

This community has over 9 billion dollars in annual discretionary income

This is your chance to upcycle your impact... Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Accessibility

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hi, I'm Melissa

I have a deep passion for two things: 

Personal/Professional Development


American Sign Language


I've been a Sign Language Interpreter since 2008.

I am forever grateful to the deaf community for allowing me to be a part of something bigger than myself and for demanding excellence. 

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