'Build Your Financial Foundation' Bundle

If you're looking for a DIY option to start creating some financial independence, look no more!


  • Four-Part Mini-Course

  • Money Mindset Guide

  • Spending Inventory Template

  • Budget Template

  • Accountability Guide

$ 40

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Enterpreneurial Money Coaching

Step Two: Financially Independent Program

Let's make some money moves!

$299/mo. for 3 months

45 minutes - For first session


  • We'll cover

    • Money Mindset​

    • Your Starting Point

    • Set Money Goals

    • Establish a Budget

    • Tracking Techniques

  • I'll be your accountability partner the whole way!

  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee

  • Online Zoom Session

  • Languages: ASL or English

Step One: Discovery Session

Let's connect & see if we're a good fit!


30 minutes


  • I am your money ally

  • I can't wait to learn about your financial goals!

  • We'll go over the Financially Independent Program

  • Online Zoom Session

  • Languages: ASL or English

  • $15 refunded if you purchase the Financially Independent Program

FREE: Let's chat!

It's like office hours, but way more fun!


15 minutes


  • Ask me any money questions

  • No talking stocks... I'm not credentialed for that

  • Online Zoom Session

  • Languages: ASL or English

hello@melissamitt.com | Text: 612.444.1709

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